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We take a comprehensive look at your digital footprint, considering the ecosystem in which a brand or organisation is placed, its needs, goals and potential target audiences.

We then apply simple, organic, best-practice oriented solutions and strategies and measure the results of our output in order to map the digital landscape and understand our position in it.

This gives us a strong initial foundation which puts us in a position to nurture growth and manage the evolution of your brand's digital presence.


how we work

how we work

We start by working with you to take a look at your current channels and their output and begin to establish the identity of your current audience.

We'll then carry out some initial, broad benchmarking of current reach and engagement and begin to establish short and medium term goals as well as identify what your key channels might be.

Once we have this picture in focus and we've established a strong foundation, we'll then create a proposal including a draft service level agreement [SLA] detailing processes that will drive how we work with each other, establishing our initial KPIs and insight metrics and outlining medium and long term goals as well as our next steps.

Lewisham Council
Bereavement Services, Lambeth
Young Lewisham Project
Greater London Pet Crematorium

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We're always happy to talk through your requirements and ideas with no obligations at all.

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