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about us

Who We are
Renegade Production is an award winning, independent media production house based in south London. 

What we do
We provide broadcast quality content, comms, digital management and artistic direction.

The services we provide include photography, videography, web design, social and digital management and music production.

We pride ourselves on being incredibly flexible, agile, innovative as well as being socially and artistically astute.

Local to Global
We're an organisation immersed in our roots. Everyone at Renegade was born, raised and still lives in south London and so we've been deeply involved in community matters from the very beginning - which became central to us throughout the COVID pandemic - nonetheless we work with several international clients and we're every bit as comfortable working on global campaigns with several international stakeholders as we are engaging on local community matters.

Our Founder
Our founder and creative director Ciarán O'Fathaigh has worked in the creative sectors all of his professional life. 

His background is in graphic and fine art, English language, and music - he was fortunate enough to have received a classical musical education from the age of 7 'till he was 18.

Ciarán's career in digital media really started in 2004 at United Business Media (UBM, now Informa) after 3 years as a barristers' clerk at the renowned Doughty Street Chambers. UMB was a huge corporate blue chip B2B publishing company and he worked across a portfolio of well known, national built environment magazines managing their digital real estate.


Things like e-commerce, digital subscription, platform-based CRM, and a host of other digital technologies were just beginning to work themselves out and establish themselves [eg page-peel, rich content digital editions ... remember those???] effectively heralding the beginning of the end of the dominance of print in publishing and the birth of the social media era. 

At the same time, Ciarán was also immersed in the UK Black Music scene as session musician and record producer. Shortly after signing a single deal with award-winning soul, RnB and jazz band SoulCyde in 2003 as a drummer, he started working with a UK hiphop production collective called FirstLove Musik. While working with FirstLove Musik he was also able to work with the likes of Melissa Bell of Soul II Soul and her incredibly successful and talented daughter Alexandra Burke, UK grime emcee Bashy, legendary jazz drummer Tony Allen, soul star Aloe Blacc and more before helping to develop spoken word and hip hop artist Speech Debelle's sound and subsequently working with her as a writer, producer and guitarist on her 2009 Mercury Prize winning album Speech Therapy. 

This body of work attracted a publishing deal with Ninja Tune's Just Isn't Music as well as songwriting and production sessions for both Bucks Music and Warner Chapelle more recently. His work is featured on Eastenders, Panorama, Doctors, Wanted Down Under, Waterloo Road, BBC News and CBBC - he has also written, composed and produced music for Christian Lou Boutin campaigns as well as for various regional and global Uniqlo campaigns.

As for publishing and digital media, Ciarán left the corporate sector in 2014 and established a career in the "third sector" ie charity, unions, NGOs and both local and central government services.

While experiences in both corporate publishing and the music industry provided much experience in corporate, national and international campaigning, this marked a definitive return to more socially-focussed issues which Ciarán had missed since his time as a barristers' clerk at the UK's leading human rights set, Doughty Street Chambers working for Kier Starmer [among others] when he was still a defence barrister and QC.

Renegade Production today
Renegade Production is a synthesis of all of these disciplines and experience.

Officially founded in 2018, Renegade has continued to operate using its "local to global" ethos working with local government, independent businesses, community organisations and charities - as well as global corporations - in order to provide sharper comms, community journalism, better digital practise, and of course taut, astute creative direction on international campaigns. 

During the pandemic, we provided consultancy, emergency comms and public service announcements for multiple local government departments in order to help them provide access to and information on essential services - particularly for the more vulnerable in our community - throughout the lockdowns. We were the first media outlet to cover the initial rollout of COVID vaccines across South East London.

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