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Sonny Green returns with controversial new single “Your Mum” for Valentine’s day 2020 weekend

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Activist, actor, poet and emcee Sonny Green [Asian Dub Foundation/ADF Soundsystem, Chase & Status etc] is set to release alt rap banger "Your Mum", produced by Catford-based Muad'dib [Mellissa Belle, Bashy, Speech Debelle etc] for Valentine's day 2020

Watch the video:

True to form, Sonny continues to provoke while wearing his heart on his sleeve on this one. And of course, embedded in the track is the contradiction between the lyrics and Sonny's very vocal substance user and recovery advocacy, as well as being drug and alcohol free for the past 18 months. As Sonny says, "Sobriety was a radical action for me".

"Sobriety was a radical action for me" Sonny Green

Sonny has been an active and vociferous social campaigner for much of his career, working with disadvantaged members of his community in his hometown of Southend On Sea and recently teaming up with and supporting Josh Cole, award-winning filmmaker and founder of activist group Rize Up whose mission is to engage and encourage the young and dispossessed to join the electoral register, use their voices and vote, ahead of last year’s general election.

"With a moral and social conscience at the centre of his work, Sonny is a musical poet, overflowing with energy and bursting with a passion to provoke thought." Fred Perry

Sonny is also the founder and director of Trouble Tongues CIC - "a community interest company that works with groups of young people teaching them how to write and deliver performance poetry, builds their communication skills, confidence and resilience to exploitation".

“Delivers lyricism and skill” GRM Daily

As with most of his videos, “Your Mum” was shot in Southend. The track has a real alternative, lo-fi vibe - a kind of fusion of 90s acoustic grunge and Afroman - with a sickeningly catchy, singalong hook and unmistakable UK twang and grimy flows on the verses. Radio friendly yet provocative and potentially controversial, “Your Mum” is set to be the bedroom anti-anthem of Valentine’s Day 2020.

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