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film & photography

With a strong background in editorial and publishing, our instinct is to take a stripped, agile approach to film-making and photography.

We focus on natural interactions, relationships between people and situations and contextual perspective. This allows us to get close to our subjects without intruding, affording a degree of intimacy and candidness that is often very difficult to achieve.

Underpinning most of our work is a strong sense of journalism - a desire to tell an engaging story and present an unembellished truth.


We work with 35mm film as well as digital and we're often called to produce to as little as 12 and 24hr turnarounds. 

Services include:

photography, videography and filming, portraits, landscapes and public spaces, editorial and correspondence, events and more.

how we work

our service

Get in touch with us today and tell us what you need.

We don't charge for meetings, conversations or initial consultations. We won't attempt to create false impressions by taking you out to working lunches or drinks. We will only ever keep everything absolutely transparent and 100% [real] with you.

t: +44 7826 774 295

t2: +44 7913 653 083

hours [inquiries]9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

Supporting local business has never been as important as it is now. Unprecedented circumstances have left many independent businesses struggling to survive or worse, having to close entirely. 

Lewisham Local aims to direct local spending power for the good of the community and support our favourite shops by connecting socially conscious, local consumers to some wonderful local businesses.


They’ve created an exclusive list of local participating businesses and service providers that are still up and running, all offering Lewisham Local discounts. 


We're proud to be a Lewisham Local community contributor offering 25% discounts to local independents, sole traders and community-focused, local registered charities.


Looking for professional services as a sole trader, an independent business owner or SME is risky and often fraught. 

For this reason, Mummy's Gin Fund has compiled a list of businesses that have been personally recommended and referenced by local people for local people.


Mummy's Gin Fund recommended business directory allows you to shop locally, support local businesses and feel confident that you’ll get a great service.


We're proud to be a trusted, recommended Mummy's Gin fund business, offering 25% discounts on service rates to local independents, sole traders and community-focused, local registered charities..



community contributor

recommended business

award winning


The Greater London Enterprise Awards presented by SME News, proudly encompasses the multitude of innovative and vibrant business industries which allows the UK’s capital city to host one of the most diverse economic communities on earth.

Small and medium sized businesses operating from the UK’s bustling hub have continued to provide the services and products we demand, despite the immensely challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

Many Greater London SMEs and micro-businesses have used the changing circumstances to adapt and diversify their business offerings and processes, finding new ways to fill the gaps in our lifestyles as a result of national lockdowns.

We're proud to be announced as the "Most Innovative Media production Agency 2021" at the 5th Greater London Enterprise Awards.

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