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Bespoke music composition


UNIQLO is a Japanese high street fashion designer and manufacturer and one the biggest retailers in the world.

They initially approached us while preparing for a flagship store opening in Milan in the middle of their production process and, fairly urgently, needed music to frame and lift the European campaign which consisted of 5 video assets of 5 separate "real" models and one video asset featuring all of them.

Each of the videos told a separate story and framed the protagonist in their individual, natural Milanese environments which, together, painted a picture of a modern, sophisticated, culturally diverse global hub.

UNIQLO needed a musical motif or concept that could work across all 5 creatives and help bind them together with a singular rhythm, that communicated optimism, underlying excitement and sophistication.


We digested initial audio references and met with stakeholders and the creative agency they had been working with in order to make sure that the brief was clear and the we understood exactly what the composition needed to achieve. The turnaround time was tight as the production deadlines were already looming by the time we were involved in the campaign so we need to establish a strong creative foundation quickly.

After confirming the brief between us, we composed 3 separate guide tracks in order to provide creative direction options. We quickly agreed on a single direction and we used the relevant guide track to produce a final theme.

Within 3 days we produced options, composed and produced the final choice, aligned to visual cuts and finalised 5 mixed and mastered versions of the single, final theme. 

The music was licensed directly by us and so was a one-stop clearance, alleviating any 3rd party involvement, fees or splits.

UNIQLO have since approached us to work on multiple campaigns including 3 global holiday campaigns, 2 campaigns for their collaboration with Scandinavian designers Marimekko as well as another flagship store opening.

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