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Rupa Shah

Founder and Consultant, Hashtag Ad


Renegade created a new website for my business and also took the headshot photos for it.

Excellent customer service. [Creative Director] Ciaran is friendly, reliable and very good at his job. I am really pleased with the website that they created.


Sarah Walton

Head of Product Marketing, Europe, UNIQLO


My company has used Renegade to compose music for video advertising.

The level of creative work was very high. Renegade over delivered before the deadline. They were very reasonably priced. Renegade’s customer service level was very high and they are very responsive.


They clearly understood the brief and expectations and asked relevant questions within the briefing process.


Amy Swift

Songwriter and Recording Artist


I have used Renegade for [music] production work.

They were awesome, went above & beyond what I asked of them and will definitely use them again.


I have continued to use Renegade for all of my design work – including posters for our Open Day, videography and brochure design including copy writing.

Customer service is amazingly prompt, and the work is of an exceptionally high standard.


Paul Way
Senior Director of Content Marketing, RingCentral - [Senior Vice-President, Media, TechInsights, UBM Tech]


Ciaran [of Renegade Production] is the kind of critical asset necessary to help re-imagine businesses. CMP Information, at the time I was there, was in the early stages of trying to understand and integrate innovative digital thinking into a more traditional business.


It's an easy thing to say and an extremely difficult thing to do.


I oversaw that transition and desperately needed to find people who had the digital knowledge and, more importantly, the flexibility and temperament, to enable change in an environment that may often show strong resistance.


[Renegade Production] made it possible. They're logical, calm, creative and open. He wants to be part of a team that succeeds, as opposed to wanting to be the rogue digital guy who has to succeed his own way. They was always thinking, always seeking out new possibilities. He was communicative and, most important to me, he was accountable. Simply a fantastic contributor to any team.


Claudia Thorpe

Account support and copywriter, MRA Marketing - [Editor, CCF magazine]


Ciaran has been a huge help to me in trying to lift the magazine website out of the dark ages and powering it into the future. His no-nonsense, jargon-free approach is a breath of fresh air and makes all this web stuff seem very straightforward indeed.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Ciaran to anyone who wants their website to do what it should do (i.e. make money).


Anne Muhlethaler
Director at AVM Consulting, Geneva - [UK General Manager, Christian Louboutin]


I first hired Ciaran [of Renegade Production] for work on our website as the relationship with the creator of the site broke down and a lot of work needed to be done.

[Renegade Production] were for the next 18 months in charge of updates for our international website and provided numerous solutions for us, at minimal cost and always within the deadlines discussed.

At the time, they also helped us put a process in place for minimizing problems.

We have since changed management, relaunched websites and our head office appointed a French agency to provide the same services, but had it not been for location, we would have certainly retained Ciaran's services.

We have remained in contact and I warmly recommend them.


Pamela Rucker Springs
Vice President, Communications at United Way Worldwide [Communications Project Lead, Media and Public Affairs, General Pharmaceutical Council]


I worked with Ciaran [of Renegade Production] while at the General Pharmaceutical Council in my role as Communications Project Lead. I was charged with developing an integrated communications and engagement strategy to support a major policy consultation affecting the pharmacy community. [Renegade Production] was a key partner as I looked to leverage our online platforms to drive engagement and feedback from pharmacy professionals.


[Renegade Productions] led the digital campaign to support the consultation, which included creating robust social media strategy, producing video and other graphic assets, conducting audience segmentation, analysis and reporting and ensuring SEO optimization. The consultation ultimately set a GPhC record for responses to a consultation and was due, in no small part, to [Renegade Productions]’s expertise and insights. 


I found Ciaran [of Renegade] to be a very personable colleague as well as a tremendous thought partner who always added a new perspective to any conversation. His talent, background and experience have given him keen insight into the effective use of digital platforms and strategies to deliver on organisational goals.

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