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[video] “My Story: Ace Adam” is is the award-winning Renegade Production’s first micro-biopic

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Local champion boxer ‘Lightning’ Ace Adams, speaks in the first of Renegade Production’s micro-biopic series as a hometown hero from Catford, South East London

This inspirational micro-series is influenced by the production house and the subject’s unique rapport based on very similar cultural heritages as well as their shared upbringing in Catford. On where he’s from and what that means to him, Ace is crystal clear,

“I come from Catford … this place, Catford … [I want] to let people know and feel proud of where they come from, and they can do anything. There are great people in Catford.”

Ignorance of the realities of living in and around low-income, high crime urban environments areas too often leads to sweeping presumptions and can conjure imagery of "gangsters", drug misuse and chronically idle and aggressive young people.

“But because they didn’t grow up there,” Ace explains, “they don’t know the struggles people have to go through.”

This micro-biopic seeks to keenly and thoughtfully represent Ace, his skill, his drive and the importance of his community to him as well as his philosophies as a “student of boxing and of life.”

My Story: ‘Lightning’ Ace Adams” is an exciting beginning to an attentive, people-centered series.

Authentic and observational, Ace’s shining character centres the piece, and remains the inspiration pushing it forward.

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