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Local producer's collaboration with controversial rapper screens at Catford Mews this weekend

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Catford-based producer Muad'dib and rapper Sonny Green's new music video "Your Mum" will be shown ahead of screenings of Queen & Slim from Friday 14th February for the Valentine weekend

At it's heart and despite the title, "Your Mum" is a love song/story whose tenderness and earnestness don't lie that far from the surface.

"With a moral and social conscience at the centre of his work, Sonny is a musical poet, overflowing with energy and bursting with a passion to provoke thought."
Fred Perry

Your Mum was shot in Southend and the track has a real alternative lo-fi vibe - a kind of fusion of 90s acoustic grunge and Afroman - with a sickeningly catchy, singalong hook and unmistakable UK twang and grimy flows on the verses.

Check out the short trailer below:

Check weekend viewing times and book tickets for the critically acclaimed Queen & Slim at Catford Mews and catch an exclusive first look at local artist Ciarán "Muad'dib" O'Fathaigh's latest offering.

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