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Our Park:

Our Park is a short documentary film about Beckenham Place Park, Lewisham's largest green space, bringing together its diverse spectrum of park users and giving young people a voice to celebrate Our Park. 


The park extends to 96 hectares - which is equivalent to about 100 football pitches - straddling 4 distinct and different neighbourhoods and hosting many different kinds of people and users.


Its 300 year history as a politician and timber trader's Mansion and Manor, a private golf club and then more recently a public golf course has always split the park and its users into very distinctly separate groups.


In October 2016 the golf course was shut and the entire space became public. Since then its users have become far more diverse and integrated, but some shadows of old perceptions of belonging and ownership still flicker over the landscape ...


We explore perceptions, engage with the young people who use the park and create connections for the future.


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