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General Pharmaceutical Council

the new standards for pharmacy professionals - campaign and consultation


  • production of animation, video, graphics and icons to support the campaign campaign 

  • defining project and campaign KPIs and using contilual, objective maesurement and reporting to inform campaign strategy

  • design and management of the development of an app to promote and distribute the new standards



  • 10x increase in campaign conversion and engagement

  • 5x increase in social media engagement

  • audience growth across all platforms

  • growth of influence sphere


Pamela Rucker Springs
Vice President, Communications at United Way Worldwide [Communications Project Lead, Media and Public Affairs, General Pharmaceutical Council]


I worked with Ciaran [of Renegade Productions] whie at the General Pharmaceutical Council in my role as Communications Project Lead. I was charged with developing an integrated communications and engagement strategy to support a major policy consultation affecting the pharmacy community. [Renegade Productions] was a key partner as I looked to leverage our online platforms to drive engagement and feedback from pharmacy professionals.


[Renegade Productions] led the digital campaign to support the consultation, which included creating robust social media strategy, producing video and other graphic assets, conducting audience segmentation, analysis and reporting and ensuring SEO optimization. The consultation ultimately set a GPhC record for responses to a consultation and was due, in no small part, to [Renegade Productions]’s expertise and insights. 


I found Ciaran [of Renegade] to be a very personable colleague as well as a tremendous thought partner who always added a new perspective to any conversation. His talent, background and experience have given him keen insight into the effective use of digital platforms and strategies to deliver on organizational goals.

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