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Christian Louboutin

website maintenance and collection flipbook updates


  • keeping website up to date

  • optimise website content

  • artwork and production

  • update digital lookbooks [code and graphics] for new seasonal collections 



  • more efficient workflows

  • lower fault resolution times

  • lower load times

  • better search engine visibility


Anne Muhlethaler
Director at AVM Consulting, Geneva - [UK General Manager, Christian Louboutin]


I first hired Ciaran [of Renegade Productions] for work on our website as the relationship with the creator of the site broke down and a lot of work needed to be done.

[Renegade Productions] were for the next 18 months in charge of updates for our international website and provided numerous solutions for us, at minimal cost and always within the deadlines discussed.

At the time, they also helped us put a process in place for minimizing problems.

We have since changed management, relaunched websites and our head office appointed a French agency to provide the same services, but had it not been for location, we would have certainly retained Ciaran's services.

We have remained in contact and I warmly recommend them.

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