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Portrait photography and website content



Hashtag Ad had been trading for some time when founder Rupa got in touch with us in order to design and build a new, more suitable, dynamic website.

At the very start of this process, we realised 2 tings - the first was that her original website made use of stock imagery in order to tell her story and communicate services as well as look and feel - and the second was that founder and consultant Rupa hadn't ever had any professional headshots or portraits taken to help establish her personal brand even though she was already something of a public figure, often speaking at national events and conferences.

We decided to shoot Rupa in her natural environment which was a beautiful, naturally-lit, open plan home office as well as our studio in order to capture her essence and energy as well as to establish a sense of professional credibility.


We shot Rupa entirely on 35mm film [both colour and black and white] for a textured, glossy coffee table editorial feel in a mixture of domestic and professional environments using natural lighting for the very most part with situational lighting at times. We employed tight, intimate frames often focussing on purely colours and textures in order to give a more impressionistic feel when necessary.

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